Hosting Students’ Affairs Dean at the National Television


Sudan National TV, has hosted the social researcher Dr. Eman Bashier Nuraldaim, Students’ Affairs Dean and Deputy Dean of Nahda College, where she spoke about the families and academic achievements of their students; the families role in the mental, psychological, and physical willingness of their children. In addition to the families role in preparing their kids for higher education. She appointed here that the intervention of many families in their children’s choice of the field of study causes the absenteeism of these children’s role. Moreover, she said that the choice of students almost is restricted to medicine and engineering studies, and that God has created humans with different inclinations, desires, and abilities and all that for the sake of building and development on earth. So, what fits this person doesn’t necessarily fit other people, therefore, we should give our children freedom of choosing the field of their study and help them in that

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