The Dean speech


In the Name of Allah that by his grace righteous good deeds are achieved.

This is one of the greatest moments which we fear and celebrate. It is the moment of bearing ” Al-Amana ” (honesty) which was offered to the heavens and the earth, and the mountains, but they declined to bear it and afraid of it. But man bore it. Verily, he was unjust and ignorant.

The world today is facing a lot of challenges, changes, and conditions which are unbearable except through the quality and distinction of a strong graduate armed with knowledge and capable of producing real cognitive and behavioral values, that can face up to this revolution and feverish competition. And these values can be obtained when our motto is: ‘a strong healthy generation and a well trained graduate’, who will be able to satisfy the need of the market of labor. This is a moment of promise with Allah to bear this “Amana”. Moreover, we promise to play a pioneer role in leading a real rise that its outputs will be a strong graduate, capable of facing up to the need of the market of labor, in addition to serving the community in a period of lots of challenges and a harsh competition except for that who has promised Allah to be faithful in introducing a distinctive masterly work that its aim is to please Allah. And this can not be realized without our insistence on that the students of this institution must be at a high level of distinctive morality and academic excellence which are governed by the regulations and rules supporting our fixed determination

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